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It is essential to put your customer first, but to provide the level of customization and service demanded by customers, you must manage your relationships with them, and have a complete view of customer and product data. It can be extremely difficult to focus on the customer without a centralized source of information, and this can lead to slow responses to changes in the market and / or offer a poor customer experience; ultimately reducing loyalty.

Stibo Systems' Master Data Management platform, STEP, integrates master data into a central repository, allowing you to optimize and customize your product offerings, build customer-centric experiences across all channels, and improve risk management as it fits regulatory compliance.




Proper and safe handling and storage of customer information is critical. Even the smallest data security incidents can stain a brand quickly. In addition, financial services companies have to comply with a huge variety of industry regulations. With STEP, you can:
Storing crucial data across multiple departmental systems creates inconsistent and outdated information. The result is increased costs and efforts to get lean and actionable data. STEP acts as the main hub for all your information and helps you:
  • Delete data silos caused by systems and databases disconnected
  • Boost value to existing business systems by synchronizing lean and accurate master data
  • Improve quality and integrity by incorporating your data accurately
  • Reducing IT Involvement in Data Maintenance
  • Provide uniform branding on physical and digital channels
  • Define roles and privileges quickly to ensure that only appropriate users have access to sensitive data
  • Offer governance using audit trails, version control, and approval processes
  • Easily access reference data and code tables
  • Improve ability to comply with regulations such as GDPR, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, Solvency II, Basel 2 & 3 or BCBS 239



Deliver products and services to your customers quickly and through the delivery channel they expect:
Financial service companies, as well as companies from many other industries, need to have a clear understanding about their customers. With STEP, you can gain insight into customers and support a customer-centric experience like this:
  • Combining product and customer data to develop customized offerings
  • Creating business processes optimized to ensure data accuracy
  • Launching targeted deals at the right time
  • Inserting data from various systems
  • Presenting a single, comprehensive view of the company's customers
  • Gaining a deep understanding of customers, integrating internal and external data
  • Finding data to ensure information is relevant to global or regional customers